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We have been helping our clients, with their health requirements now for over 20 years.   It brings us a lot of pleasure, to help people navigate their way back to a good state of over all health and wellbeing . We are truly grateful to be able to share in people's journeys and to  have many wonderful clients who both enjoy and  see the value in attending the clinic and regaining their mojo. 


In 2006 I was in a car accident. I was a mess physically and mentally after undergoing 2 ankle

surgeries with venous complications, physical restrictions and had developed subsequent

health problems. Despite months of hydrotherapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy I was

left with a permanent disability, and on medication which rendered me unable to return to

my government position at the time. Further I had stress of pursuing third party  accident claim.

I harbored resentment and forgiveness was in order for me to become healthy and whole.

Knowing my family was very concerned and that Doctors had failed, my son mentioned Jennifer

Webster's Natural Therapy Practice.

since the initial appointment, Jennifer has provided mental and physical cleansing through

Herbal remedies and releasing through Kinseiology and nutritional advice. I've ceased all but

one medication and have returned to my previous employment position. The healing process is

continuing for me under the expertise of Jennifer's therapeutic advice.

Sue. Goulburn NSW

Nothing but sincere gratitude to Jennifer in helping me get back on my feet.


After a severe reaction to chemotherapy and subsequent 2 month hospital stay left me weakened by massive pulmonary embolisms and very malnourished, I was unable to look after myself at all.  Having never been ill before, this was by far the greatest challenge I have ever had to face.  I had never been to a naturopath before but I was desperate, and Jennifer came very highly recommended to me.


After a week following Jennifer’s individualized regime, I started to walk short distances unassisted.  After a month I was able to board a plane and enjoy a holiday with my family and after 6 weeks I moved back into my home and started to look after myself again.  Four months later I am continuing to improve everyday.  I am strong enough to do almost everything I had done before, I am alert enough to drive and have not had a day nap in weeks.


Jennifer listened to me.  She knew what pace I needed to go at to feel comfortable and most importantly, she gave me very clear guidance on what I needed to do to regain my independence.  I cannot recommend Jennifer highly enough, particularly to those like me who have a cancer diagnosis but will not let it defeat them!


ML    Sydney South

(Feb 2019)

What our clients are saying

I was referred to Jennifer by a trusted friend. I went in with a very open mind not knowing what Jennifer could do for me . 12 years ago I was diagnosed by one of Sydney's top allergist with having an anaphylactic allergy to raw food, so no fruit vegetables or nuts unless they will cooked . I spent 3 and a half years having immunotherapy.

I knew my body had crossed wires somewhere and I needed to be rewired but didn't know how to do this, so I turned to alternative medicine and I was recommended to see Jennifer.

The moment I walk into her room I felt at ease I am not a trusting person naturally and my world is pretty black and white and certainly not into what I would describe as hippy alternative medicine.

I have recommended Jennifer  and will continue to do so to anyone I feel could benefit by her healing ways.

So after 12 years of not eating fruit seeing Jennifer for 6 months she had me cured, I cannot tell you how happy i am that i can walk into any restaurant now and eat whatever i want of the menu rather picking easiest thing to the chef to adjust to my food allergy .

It was worth the three hour round trip it would take me to get to Engadine to say this .....I am free i am allergy free i am allergy free

A. C     Sydney

I first visited Jennifer ….. years ago when I was totally rundown after undergoing emergency surgery for undiagnosed chronic inflammation of my gall bladder and gall stones.  I had endured ongoing and sometimes severe abdominal pain for many months prior to and after surgery.  To my great relief and subsequent healing, Jennifer found a problem with my digestion from the small to large intestine and prescribed herbal treatment and nutritional advice.

In following years Jennifer provided insightful and discerning health care advice regarding:

  • severe hormonal headaches (migraines) which I suffered from almost daily for 10 years;

  • diagnosed my debilitating left head/jaw/ear pain as trigeminal neuralgia;

  • diagnosed my dizziness and nausea as vertigo and provided homeopathic treatment and suggested appropriate exercises for relief;

  • diagnosed my extreme exhaustion as adrenal fatigue and helped me manage this condition;

  • haemochromatosis - Jennifer noticed my high ferritin levels and suggested I get tested (the blood tests proved positive and I was able to get appropriate treatment).


I am indebted to Jennifer.  She is an intuitive, sensitive and empathetic practitioner.  She heals me and keeps me well.  My stress and energy levels are much improved.  I just don’t know what I’d do without her. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who may be frustrated with feeling continually tired and unwell with no resolution.   

Jennifer has also been very helpful in treating other members of my family and friends with great results.

    " you ARE the best Naturopath in the whole world"

H.G.   Blue Mountains  NSW  

After living with Chronic fatigue for nearly 10 years, my sister recommended that

I make an appointment with her naturopath.  I had previously seen many doctors

and specialists which were unable to improve my  symptoms, so I decided to

make  my first appointment with Jenny. Through Herbal  Medicine, Iridology and

Kinesiology, I can honestly say  that Jenny has  made an   enormous difference

to my health.  I would highly recommend Jenny  to anyone who  would like

to feel more energetic  and healthy.  Jenny has an extraordinary ability to help people  regain their health.

Thank you Jenny,  Thank you.                                                   

K.S  Lugarno

Hi Jennifer,

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year!  We wanted to thank you for giving us the best Christmas present you can get. Our little boy has stopped the horrible jerking ever since we started him on your medicine. 

We are incredibly grateful for your help and seeing us so quickly, thank you so much!!! 

S. F   Sydney       2023

Jennifer and David are an amazing team. Jennifer has helped me for years for everything and anything I thought may have been a bit silly. Couldn’t recommend them any higher.              RP   QLD

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