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Practitioner Mentoring


We know how difficult and overwhelming it can be for new practitioners who are just starting out in to clinical practice, and also for those who may have stepped away for a little while and our now reintroducing themselves  back in to the world of Complimentary Medicine.   

Collectively we have over 35 years of clinical expertise, and over 70 years of staff management, and business ownership. We are well equipped to answer your questions regarding clinical best practice, tried and tested ideas, treatment options, business ownership and staff management, which is why we have offer the unique service of one on one mentoring. 

Mentoring provides a platform for personal growth, confidence and success, which is why Jennifer offers her in depth advice across many categories to help those practitioners seeking excellence in clinic.  

What we are offering is the opportunity to talk one on one with Jennifer via a  zoom appointment , with any questions regarding your clinic, patient treatment strategies, confidence, fears, staff issues and general complimentary health questions.  

Our Mission

For Practitioners to achieve greatness with strategic mentoring.  Mentoring sessions create opportunity to achieve excellence in clinical practice and allow for the best possible practitioner patient outcomes.

If you would like to

  1. Improve your skill set

  2. Have clarity and open communication

  3. Explore viable options and look at new ideas

  4. Be open to blending intuition and wisdom with logical researched scientific methods

  5. Work with someone that has an extraordinary depth of knowledge, an insatiable thirst for learning and who has run successful businesses 

                 Then this is for you.


Our vision is to pass on years of wisdom, knowledge and best practice, to up and coming herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists and kinesiologists.   We want to empower you to be the best you can possibly be, live your dream and enjoy your practice.

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