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We have a variety of different appointments  available to choose from. Ranging from  an initial consultation with Jennifer  (1.5hrs)  which includes Naturopathy, Iridology, Nutritional analysis and Sensitivity screening or  Kinesiology (PKP) (1.5hrs), Wellness coaching, Cancer management,  and also follow up appointments incl  Kinesiology and Naturopathic. We also offer the latest technology in non invasive bio-energetic medicine, which enables us to scan, analyse, detect and alter the terrain enabling healing on a different level.  We recommend functional laboratory testing where  required.


Consultations with David vary from   Sensitivity screening (NAET)  Nutritional (Dietary, Illness, ADD,  Behavioural Consultations, Stress Management, Counselling,  Microbiome testing, and gut related issues .

We value your time and our own. We make every endeavour to ensure your appointment time is adequately assigned and confirmed.  A text message for  appointment confirmations is sent via mobile  48 hours prior to the agreed appointment  time requesting your confirmation .  Failure to give 36 hours cancellation notification  will forfeit 50% of the consultation fee.

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