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Nutrition & Diet


"You are what you eat."

Your diet undoubtedly contributes to the way you feel. Lack of vitality and a general feeling of unwell can be the first sign of nutritional inadequacy. Today's busy lifestyles lends to high stress levels, an overabundance of "synthetic" foods & polluted air and water sources. All these factors contribute to our bodies wellbeing.


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Our clinic offers clients a balanced health-care approach incorporating  western medical values combined with eastern philosophy, clinical nutrition, enhanced by complementary medicine practises such as nutrition analysis (clinical nutrition), herbal medicine, kinesiology.  A unique combination.


David is our specialist Behavioural Nutritionist. This is a unique profession where there are minimal practitioners trained, registered & accredited in this particular field, or with David's level of knowledge in biochemistry, counselling, behaviours, and food related matters. David has undertaken extensive studies in Psychology, Nutrition and Kinesiology and he can assist in all aspects of nutritional advice.  Behavioural Nutrition not only addresses dietary deficiencies, but also looks at the causal effect of behaviour with diet.

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that our diet and microbiota greatly influence our mental health and behaviours. The bacteria in the gut secretes neurotransmitters that communicate with brain and where there are imbalances this can cause behavioural disturbance, with both children and adults. 


Stress, depression and ADD, low concentration, learning disorders, and chronic illness have all been linked to dietary deficiencies.  David's expertise in the gut/brain relationship  will see you well on the way to improving your nutritional and emotional wellbeing. 

Research clearly shows that a combined approach to health care has substantial benefit in the management and resolution of many chronic diseases such as allergies, heart disease, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue and bowel disorders. 

Not only can we assess for sensitivities and food intolerances in clinic we can also offer Microbiome testing, where David can decipher the in-depth analysis and set you on the right path. This test is a must do for anyone with ongoing gut issues, IBS, auto immune, behaviour disturbances, ADD, bipolar, ASD or mental health issues. The research is in.

Whether you wish to educate yourself with healthy eating habits, lose weight, gain weight, correct a poor diet with children or teens, establish if there are food intolerances, assist and diminish challenging behaviours through diet/ biochemistry assessment, we can help.

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